Grapefruit IPA

Not for the faint hearted, this a very sour, very bitter ale, we use lactic acid and hops to give off the grapefruit flavours, a very acquired taste, love it or hate it type beer

Whiskey IPA

Made with beechwood smoked malt, caramel and pale malt, this is a very sweet, smokey and full flavoured ale, the peaty and smokey flavours are not subtle but not overwhelming, very balanced. There is also a little whiskey smoked oak chips added

Kama Citra

A very easy drinking sessionable pale with a citrusy after taste

Seven Sea IPA

This is a full flavoured IPA on the more bitter side, not enormously hoppy but enough to give it a kick and keep it sessionable

American Amber

Amber/Red in Colour we the finest caramel and crystal malts balanced with pale malts to give a nice malty, sweet, honey and caramel flavoured ale

Krafty Pils

A very full flavoured lager, made with wheat malt and golden malts as well as pilsner, this is a much heavier fuller flavoured alternative to your average lager

Chocolate Stout

This is very light and easy drinking for a stout, a lot of coffee, chocolate and caramel flavours due to the malt being used. Coffee aroma.